3PL Customer Management

ActionShip provides ways to create 'sub accounts' for dropship customers. a 3PL can create and manage dozens of sub accounts.

Sub Accounts are light weight Teapplix accounts where an e-commerce merchant can link to their selling venue, download all the orders, and submit those that need to be drop shipped to the 3PL. Once such orders are shipped, tracking numbers will automatically come back to the originating marketplace.

Submit of the order can be manual button push, either one by one, or in bulk. Or you can have the order submitted automatically based on certain rules.

ActionShip supports many options around the sub accounts:

  • Order options: whether the submitted orders will have certain details like the price and item description masked
  • Validation options: run address, inventory level validation before orders are accepted by the 3PL

Dropship billing management

ActionShip provides setup and reports to track 3PL fees:

  • Packing fees: first item vs subsequent items
  • Handling fees: first item vs subsequent items
  • Markups on shipping / transportation fees: fixed $ amount vs percentages