Google Shopping Actions

Buy on Google is a new program from Google where merchants can sell their products directly on Google, with zero commission.

Search results on the Google Shopping tab will consist of free listings, Buy on Google Listings and Shopping Ads, regardless of whether sellers advertise on Google. With more products and stores available for discovery and the option to buy directly on Google or on a retailer's site, shoppers will have more choice cross the board.

Through Buy on Google, Buyers can purchase and pay on Google directly without having to go to any 3rd party website.

Teapplix ActionShip integrates with Buy on Google. You can process and ship your orders from Google, upload inventory quantity, and launch products onto Buy on Google.

Teapplix provides order management; shipping and listing software to help merchants selling on Shopping Actions, automate daily tasks and save time & money.

Learn more about the Buy on Google Program here

Merchant Recruiting

In addition, Teapplix is referring new merchants to Buy on Google US, which is by invitation only at the time being. Please contact our support with your product information if you are interested.