Shopify Shipping Software

Streamline Shopify shipping, Inventory and order fulfillment by connecting Shopify with Teapplix.

Teapplix now integrates with Shopify to make selling easier. Shopify offers a powerful solution for sellers who do not have the time to design and build an online marketplace on their own. Shopify is a hosted shopping cart system—meaning you don’t have to have your own server—and is perfect for any eCommerce seller. That’s why over 200,000 merchants use Shopify.  Once you’ve found success on Shopify, and you want to expand your audience on other marketplaces, it can be a difficult challenge. Teapplix helps to simplify this tedious process. If you want to grow your business by  integrating Shopify to Amazon, eBay, or other online marketplaces, Shopify’s flexible seller’s platform with Teapplix work together simultaneously to simplify your orders, inventory, shipping and more!

Simplify Shopify Order Processing with Teapplix

Teapplix saves you time by downloading Shopify orders and uploading tracking numbers using the Shopify web service API. Order payment and cancellation status are tracked and reflected in Teapplix. Orders marked as shipped on Shopify are also automatically marked as shipped in Teapplix.

Order synchronization happens with the click of a button, or it can be set up to occur periodically every 15 minutes.

Automate Shopify Inventory Management

We also offer Shopify inventory management software to help manage your inventory across multiple channels. Teapplix downloads product and listing information from Shopify, including pictures, SKU, UPC etc. Teapplix can synchronize quantity back to Shopify every 15 minutes to eliminate over-sells. In addition, you can also use Teapplix to update prices for your listings in bulk.

Automate your Shopify Business with Teapplix

With Teapplix, you can get benefits of selling on Shopify without the headache of having to handle each order manually. We can improve the efficiency of your business, lower your shipping costs using the most efficient shipping methods, and make sure that your orders go out on time, which also helps to ensure that you maintain a high Shopify seller rating.

Easy Set-Up

Start a free 30-day trial of Teapplix today and see how our software can speed up your Shopify order fulfillment!