Marketplaces and Carts

Steamline your Walmart Marketplace Business with Walmart Inventory and Shipping Software. (Walmart invitation only. Referral available.)


Teapplix integrates directly with Walmart DropShip Vendor Platform.


Teapplix provides Order sync, Inventory quantity and listing upload for Google.
Contact us to become a Google Priority Merchant.


Teapplix provides the best eBay Shipping Software to manage your orders and inventory. Now supports purchasing eBay Shipping Labels directly in ActionShip.


Teapplix integrates with PayPal using both Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) and API.




Start Fulfilling WooCommerce Orders by Connecting to Teapplix.


Teapplix uses the latest Web Services API from Intuit to integrate with QuickBooks helping you maintain financial and inventory info. Orders are exported to QuickBooks easily.


Save time and money on Rakuten shipping and order management with Teapplix.


Ship Overstock orders, upload tracking numbers, and Manage Inventory automatically with Overstock Inventory and Shipping Software from Teapplix.


Wish Shipping and Inventory Management Software saves you time and money.


Teapplix integrates with NewEgg to support both Order and Inventory sync.


Grow your Business with ChannelAdvisor and Teapplix Shipping Software and Inventory Management .


Teapplix and CommerceHub shipping software lets you automate your shipping, order fulfillment and inventory process, saving time and money.


Seamless 3dCart shipping integration provides the best inventory management and shipping software to manage your e-commerce order fulfillment.


The Teapplix integration with CoreCommerce offers shipping automation, tracking, order management and QuickBooks integration. Free 30-day trial!


Teapplix supports Order sync with CRELoaded via a provided module.


Teapplix improves the efficiency of your CS-Cart Business with automated shipping software, order management, and QuickBooks integration.


Teapplix supports both order and inventory sync with Etsy


OpenCart free customizable platform integrates with Teapplix to bring shipping automation and inventory sync to e-commerce businesses.


Simplify OsCommerce Order Processing with Order Sync and Automatic or One-Click Export.


Streamline your PrestaShop sales and improve the efficiency of all e-commerce orders with Teapplix shipping and inventory management software.


With Spark Pay ® inventory management and shipping software, you can easily automate your order fulfillment.


X-Cart and Teapplix work together simultaneously to simplify your orders, inventory, shipping and more.


Teapplix provides the most sophisticated and flexible shipping software, inventory management and QuickBooks integration functions for ZenCart® sellers.


Seamlessly link Teapplix shipping integration with your Yahoo store to manage your e-commerce order fulfillment.


Teapplix provides the most sophisticated and flexible shipping software and inventory management.




Manage your eCommerce order fulfillment with Teapplix shipping integration and inventory management.




Teapplix integrates directly with Amazon Vendor Platform.


ActionShip by Teapplix automates shipping and inventory management for TikTok Shop owners.


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